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Beverage Napkins - Silver - 20pk

Beverage Napkins - Silver - 20pk


Silver 2 ply Paper Beverage Napkins / Serviettes  x 1 Pack 

This pack contains  20 super-soft napkins. When unfolded each napkin measures 10 in. (25.0 cm ) square). Brilliant for small hands at Children's parties and can be used for wrapping the party cake in to take home.

Alternatively, if left folded, each napkin measures 5 in. (12.5cm square) and is fantastic for use as a cocktail / drink coaster.  Protect your home furniture from sticky marks and stains by providing plenty of them at your house party.

Ideal for the cafe / restaurant  owner to serve their customer with a beverage napkin placed  between cup and saucer to absorb drips and spillages.

Bright colours for any theme or decor.

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